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Many of the times, you have seen your favorite athlete or your fitness icon wears a pair of headphones for their workout.

There are too many distractions when one starts to do the workout. Notably, in gyms, there are lots of noise like loud grunts of your fellow gym members, clanks of weight plates and dumbbells, and many more which detract from your workout.

Therefore, a great pair of workout headphones is a must who takes their workout passionately.

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Not all the workout headphones are ideal for a workout. Certain qualities have to take care of while picking up the right pair of workout headphones.

Those qualities can be listed as:

  • How long is the battery life?
  • Are they sweat/water resistant?
  • How is the sound quality?
  • Is there any built-in mic?
  • Is it lightweight and comfortable?
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